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The Raspberry Pi Simulator

by Dumitru Călin  (4 years ago)

Wyliodrin STUDIO makes it easy to program and develop applications using a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of peripherals, such as LEDs, buttons and others. But not every user is able to purchase such devices, or maybe they want to test their code before running it, in order to be sure that no hardware components will be destroyed. For this problem, our team came up with a solution: the Raspberry Pi Simulator. This gives users the posibillity to simulate the output of a code running on a Raspberry Pi. Users are able to mirror the behaviour of LEDs turning on and off, buttons being pressed and 16x2 LCD screens. Currently, the simulator is quite restrictive one, allowing the use of only two JavaScript libraries. However, we are working hard to extend it to other languages and libraries.

Working with a Raspberry Pi Emulator

by Diana Ghindăoanu  (4 years ago)

Considering the fact that a large number of our users, especially students, want to test and run applications on a Raspberry Pi, but are not able to purchase such devices, our team came up with a solution that could meet their needs. In the new realease of Wyliodrin STUDIO, we included a Raspberry Pi Emulator, a feature that will allow the mirroring of the performances of a Raspberry Pi Zero or 1.

Say hello to Wyliodrin STUDIO v2!

by Ioana Culic  (4 years ago)

After several years of Wyliodrin STUDIO being used by students and makers all around the world, we have worked hard to bring you Wyliodrin STUDIO v2 and here it is!

The new version comes in two flavors, you can either download it on your computer or use it online so you can control devices remotely.

We have also added exciting, new features, such as the devices simulator, which allows you to test your applications without connecting a real device or the possibility to export or clone projects.

Don’t wait any more and try out the new Wyliodrin STUDIO!