The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing concept that peaks many people’s curiosity,
and we are here to help you educate people for the IoT

What can we help you with?

Train the future trainers in IoT

Provide technical support for IT events

Write the curricula for your course

Help you build IoT kits for your events

Educational materials

Youtube channel

Follow our Youtube channel and have access to the latest tutorials, lectures and presentations we deliver about the Internet of Things and other related aspects.

Published books

Given our teaching experience, we decided and help students explore working on IoT projects of their own. Our books aim to provide the knowledge and tutorials needed to succeed.

Teacher and Training Experience


  • “Getting started guide for Intel Galileo and Intel Edison using Wyliodrin” - Maria Tudor, Ioana Culic and Alexandru Radovici
  • “Getting started guide for Raspberry Pi and Arduino using Wyliodrin” - Madalina Tanea, Ioana Culic, Alexandru Radovici
  • “Building a Smart City Infrastructure using Raspberry Pi and Arduino” – Alexandru Radovici, Ioana Culic, Ovidiu Stoica, Daniel Rosner


  • Cisco Partners Meeting, Barcelona 2014

    - IoE workshop for the Cisco Academies representatives

    - 60 people developed projects with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

  • Cisco live - DevNet Hackathon, Milan 2015

    - part of the Cisco live 2015 event, a three days event with IoT workshops to help participants develop a prototype

    - Wyliodrin held technical workshop and offered technical support

    - Wyliodrin software was used for developing the projects

  • Cisco Networking Academy Hackathon, Singapore 2015

    - hackathon organised by Cisco Networking Academy; students had to create an IoT project

    - we held a workshop during which students were introduced to both Raspberry Pi and Arduino, teaching them electronics basics and how to create projects like a blinking LED and gathering data from different sensors

  • Break and Make, Bucharest 2015

    - technical support, running the “Projects presentation & team building” part of the schedule, acquiring and setting up electronic devices and embedded boards used

    - our tutorial book on Intel’s Galileo and Edison was used as documentation

  • Break and Make, Cracow 2015

    - same tasks as in the previous event (Break and Make Bucharest)

    - in addition, held the technical workshop

  • Break and Make, Budapest 2015

    - same tasks as in the previous events (Break and Make Bucharest and Cracow)

    - Wyliodrin used as a developing environment

  • Defi Cisco, Paris and other four cities, 2015

    - technical workshop and mentoring participants

  • Skillzone San Francisco, 2015

    - providing mentorship

  • ALP Dillingen

    - held five IoT trainings over the last three years

Used by
University of Southern California
Ohio University
ALP Dillingen
Ulm University
University Politehnica of Bucharest
Alska University
Waterford Institute of Technology
Coder Dojo
Coder Dojo
Tech Lounge